Grantline Veterinary Hospital has been honored to serve our community, providing compassionate care for your pets. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that our practice must temporarily close, effective December 22nd. The nationwide labor shortage has hit the veterinary industry hard, and we are unable to keep our hospital open without a doctor on site.

While we are actively recruiting for a new veterinarian, we cannot provide medical treatment or authorize prescription refills without a provider onsite. However, our phone lines will remain open to help you. If you need medical care in our absence, we can assist in referring you to another hospital and transferring your pet’s medical records there.

While we cannot provide a timeline for reopening at this time, we want to thank you for the trust you have placed in Grantline Veterinary Hospital over the years, and we hope to see you again soon!

How to Decide What to Do with Your Pet During a Summer Vacation

As your summer vacation draws near, you may be wondering what to do with your pet. Should you take them with you? Are they better off at a boarding facility? Maybe you should investigate pet sitters in your area. With so many options, how do you choose what your pet should do over summer vacation? Here are a few questions to ask to help you decide.

Does my pet travel well?

First, consider your pet’s feelings about the matter. Do they enjoy traveling, or are they the sort to vomit as soon as they step a paw inside a vehicle? If your pet is a great traveler and enjoys the excitement of the open road, consider bringing them along. 

Are pets allowed where we are staying?

If your family already has decided where to head for summer vacation, ask if the location allows pets if you want to bring yours along. Many places are not pet-friendly, especially if they are popular tourist spots that fill up quickly. However, a private rental may allow pets, in contrast to a large hotel chain. 

How easy is it to transport my pet?

Consider your transportation for your summer vacation. If you’re taking your personal vehicle, it may not be a big deal to have your pet tag along. If you’re flying, however, the situation can become trickier. Depending on your destination, you may not be able to safely transport your pet if the temperatures are too high. Airlines generally have cutoffs on safe temperatures for pets to fly, and pets with medical issues or those with flat faces may not fly well. Make sure to have all the appropriate pet travel documents ready if you do decide to fly with your pet.

What will my pet do all day?

Think about what you will do with your pet all day while your family is enjoying vacation activities. If your pet is going to be shut up in a hotel room for eight-plus hours a day, that’s no vacation. In that case, your pet may be happier romping with other dogs at a boarding facility or watching TV at home with a pet sitter.

If you are taking your pet on your summer vacation, ensure they are up to date on vaccinations, and the necessary paperwork is filled out. Contact us to schedule an appointment.