Grantline Veterinary Hospital has been honored to serve our community, providing compassionate care for your pets. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that our practice must temporarily close, effective December 22nd. The nationwide labor shortage has hit the veterinary industry hard, and we are unable to keep our hospital open without a doctor on site.

While we are actively recruiting for a new veterinarian, we cannot provide medical treatment or authorize prescription refills without a provider onsite. However, our phone lines will remain open to help you. If you need medical care in our absence, we can assist in referring you to another hospital and transferring your pet’s medical records there.

While we cannot provide a timeline for reopening at this time, we want to thank you for the trust you have placed in Grantline Veterinary Hospital over the years, and we hope to see you again soon!

Our Reviews

Thank you for making us a preferred veterinary hospital in Tracy, CA. We work hard to go above and beyond for our clients and patients during every single visit! If you enjoyed your visit, please leave us a review online!

What our clients are saying:

"Absolutely first class care at an affordable price. Our little toy poodle, Yogi went in to have his teeth cleaned. We were told, correctly, that he also needed a tooth pulled. The tooth was badly infected and he bled a lot. The nurse hand-held him and treated him until he pulled through. The price was about 1/2 what was estimated it would be at a Walnut Creek vet for the same service. Later Yogi needed a cancer removed from his anal gland. Again the removal and post-op care was first class, and again the price was probably less than 1/2 the Walnut Creek vet. How expensive is the Walnut Creek vet? Our son took his cat there in the evening and the overnight bill was $6000+. Go to Grantline, they are better and much cheaper."

– Lance S.

"I took my first pup here for all her vaccines and to be spayed. Absolutely love the staff. Very affordable. A few months later she got into my purse and ate 120 strong Xanax while i was out of the Room and we rushed her there as soon as we realized. They told me she might not make it thru the night but they did everything they could and 2 years later, i still have my little girl thanks to these guys. We love them!"

– Laurie B.

"I live in SF but I have been taking my dog to this clinic for a few years now. My brother lives in the area and I schedule appointment with them whenever I am in town. The staff are incredibly helpful and really nice. They answer phone calls promptly and act immediately on all my requests. Its a busy practice so there would be some wait time during clinic hours. Their rate is very competitive and they offer discounted vaccines on weekend. Thanks for your care to my dog Mickey. "

– Almario Y.

"My cat Maximus had blockage in his urinary tract and stopped peeing. He almost 20 years old and very difficult to deal with. The staff here was so patient and compassionate taking care of my difficult cat. They rushed him in right away and saved his life. I was also on a tight budget, they were more than accommodating with me and found a way work within my budget to take care of my cat. I cannot thank Grantline Vet Clinic enough for the work they have done with me and my cat."

– Ryan R.

"Dr. Hoque is one of the most caring vets in Tracy. The vet techs are understanding and straightforward. Our little pumpkin was found at the dog park, all alone. We had to save up to get her to the vet and when we did, we found out she has a pyometra and they settled everything as for the surgery price. They had to do x rays and bloodwork before the surgery. We left, and 10 minutes later got a call that our baby had been a mother and miscarried, causing the infection. They took her in for an emergency C section and went on with the spay. We came back the next day, and they took great care of her. She looked happy and alert, and because these people are so wonderful, decided to take the emergency c section charge off. Didn’t charge a cent for it, because it was to save her life. They sent us home with a healthy pup and some very happy pet parents. They are a compassionate and caring staff, I would recommend you take your pets here for sure."

– Adan M.

"We've been taking our new puppy here for his shots, over the last few months. They have been great. We use the weekend clinic, they are friendly, decently priced and have been very helpful and informative for us as new puppy owners!"

– Shawn C.